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Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser

Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser

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Dispenser Properly Instills Eye Drops

Difficulties in properly instilling eye drops are often a result of unsteady hands, inability to grip and squeeze small eye drop bottles, a blink reaction to the bottle tip nearing the eye, or missing the eye with the drop. Designed easy to use, the Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser accurately and safely targets the eye during treatment.The dispenser delivers the right amount of drops in the eyes.

Ideal for Elderly & Arthritic Hands

For elderly and arthritic hands, the dispenser improves grip helping users squeeze the bottles. The eye drop dispenser impacts users’ ability to competently self-administer their eye drop medication. Each dispenser is supplied with a collar adaptor making it compatible with non-standard bottles.

Improves User Ability & Accuracy

The Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser helps create a better grip, increasing user ability and accuracy. The dispenser specially helps individuals with unsteady hands or keeping eyes open long enough to properly instill drops. Holding the upper lid to eliminate blinking reflexes, the eye piece helps aim correct placement of the drop in the eye.

  • Use the durable Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser to independently dispense drops into your eyes
  • Ideal for use with drops for allergies, dry eyes, and other eye conditions such as glaucoma
  • Easily fits into a pocket or handbag, durable construction is great for long-term use
  • Eye drop dispenser can fit over almost all round and oval eye drop bottles for treatment
  • The eye piece rests safely and comfortably on the brow bone for optimum support
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