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Lotion Applicator With Massaging Head

Lotion Applicator With Massaging Head

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The Dual Function Lotion Applicator and Massage Head enables users to apply creams, oils and lotions to those hard to reach parts of the body. It features a washable foam head that can be used to apply thick creams and, beneath it, a second detachable head that can apply less viscous oils and lotions via a series of roller-balls. The applicator ensures even distribution and can also be used as a simple but effective massage device. The foam applicator may be washed in soapy water, while all other parts are dishwasher safe.
Dual function
Detachable heads
Foam head - for creams
Massage head - for oils
Dishwasher safe - except foam head.
Handle: 35cm (14")
Weight: 150g
White and Blue

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