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LiftUp Raizer mobile Lifting Chair

LiftUp Raizer mobile Lifting Chair

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The Raizer  helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position in a few minutes. The aid can be operated by only a single assistant, and it requires only limited physical effort from the operator aside from a helping hand

Manual Falls Emergency Lifting Chair

This lifting device is truly unique and only takes one carer to make it work. The Raizer lift can get fallen people back on their feet in under a minute and is much more stable and easier to use than other falls assistance devices.

Raizer M is a manual falls emergency lifting chair and the Raizer II is a battery powered  lifting chair.

The Raizer M, It is operated via a crank, and the Raizer II have a remote control and control panel – meaning no physical lifting is required!

The Raizer M is a more affordable fall assistance aid, ideal for private individuals and home use.

The Raizer is assembled around the person on the floor to lift them back to a seated or standing position. The chair consists of seven parts; the main seat, two identical backrest pieces, and four identical leg pieces.

Once the person is laid on their back with their knees bent, just slide the chair unit under the lower half of the thigh. Then simply slot each of the backrest and leg pieces into the chair unit.

Whilst the chair is being raised, you might want to support the person’s head using a cushion or pillow. A specially designed headrest is also now available for Raizer II.

You can stop the Raizer in a seated position or you can keep lifting the person right up to standing if desired.

Key Benefits for Carers

Not only does the Raizer lift help the person who has fallen, but it also helps the carer to avoid any strains or injuries.

  • Safely lifts people up to 150kg in weight.
  • Battery operated  Raizer II– provides up to 100 lifts on just one charge.
  • Made from sealed, waterproof material for easy cleaning and disinfection. Disposable hygiene covers are also available.
  • Identical backrest and leg pieces, plus light and sound indicators, ensure correct assembly every time.
  • Lightweight and easy to disassemble for transport and storage.

The Raizer is designed to allow the carer to focus on the person at all times.

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