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Invacare Orion Metro mobility scooter- Class 3 (8mph)

Invacare Orion Metro mobility scooter- Class 3 (8mph)

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Orion is a mobility scooter equipped with several features to make each trip exciting for users. Orion Metro by Invacare has been designed from the ground up to focus on key aspects important to both new and experienced scooter users. Its exceptional features ensure users experience a safe, easy, and enjoyable ride. It also offers a perfect mix of comfort, safety, and reliability.

Orion Metro also ensures a controlled and sturdy drive. Thanks to the suspension system on the compact Orion Metro it makes easy for navigating a variety of surfaces and terrains, allowing you to relax and enjoy a controlled, sturdy drive in comfort. It’s powerful motor, combined with 11” wheels, will take you smoothly and safely over obstacles or uneven terrain.

The Invacare Orion Metro is packed with an electronic speed reduction feature that automatically reduces speed around bends, ensuring safe and comfortable manoeuvres at all times. A two-step disengaging lever prevents the scooter from free-wheeling if it is knocked out of drive mode. Orion Metro is also reliable and easy to service. Users can simply remove the rear cover to access batteries, electronics, motor, and cables. Electronics and the engine are protected from corrosion and water, which safeguard the vital workings of the scooter against dirt, preventing any unnecessary malfunctions. Key features include:

  • Ergonomic steering: Features an ergonomically designed steering system that allows for easier and more responsive control.

  • Hand brake: This feature ensures immediate braking when necessary.

  • Brake light: It has a clear and bright brake lighting that warns people that the scooter is slowing down.

  • Disengaging lever: Two-step disengaging lever prevents the scooter from accidentally free-wheeling

  • Auto-speed reduction: It has an automatic speed reduction that reduces speed around bends for additional safety.

  • Finite tiller movement: It features an easily adjustable tiller with stepless adjustments to enhance steering control. This, coupled with the new head tube angle of 70 degrees, help to give more responsive steering control.

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