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Hebden Wide Bed (Design 06 Head/Foot Boards with Split Side Rails, No Side Fascias)

Hebden Wide Bed (Design 06 Head/Foot Boards with Split Side Rails, No Side Fascias)

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Expanding the range of electrically operated, fully profiling beds for the nursing and residential care home environments; the Hebden Wide bed brings a touch of luxury to our Hebden bed range with a larger mattress platform offering additional space and comfort for occupants.
Electrically operated, four-section profiling bed offering a wide platform for increased comfort in premium spaces.
Scissor pantograph mechanism provides greater design flexibility over the bed aesthetic, owing to the concealment of all electrical components under the mattress platform.
Bed construction is independent from the bed frame, allowing bed parts to be replaced quickly and easily with minimal product downtime.
Variable platform height range of 30cm to 77cm.
Auto contour feature allows simultaneous backrest and knee break adjustments.
Foot Down Tilt (Reverse Trendelenburg) option as standard with 9 button handset.
Attractive domestic appearance, with a range of configurable head and foot boards and finishes to compliment existing decor.
Cardiac chair position offers a more comfortable sitting position for occupants.
Integral full length side rails offers additional security for the occupant.
Two stage release mechanisms on side rails for added safety.
Integrated accessory sockets at head end for optional lifting or infusion poles.
Optional split side rails allow easy access for the care giver whilst maintaining patient safety
Safety standards IEC 60601-1:2005 and IEC 60601-2-52:2009.
215kg (33.8st)
178kg (28st)

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