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Aquatec Orca Bathlift

Aquatec Orca Bathlift

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Aquatec Orca features an impressive weight limit of 140 kg, increased legroom for deeper and more relaxed bathing, among other functions. Our Invacare Aquatec Orca range provides superior quality and durable bath lifts that are designed to offer comfort, safety and reassurance to those most in need of support as they bathe. The product incorporates increased legroom, ease of disassembly and ergonomic floating hand control that contains a highly efficient lightweight battery.

The bathing aid also features a textured seating surface that allows use without covers if desired. The side flaps are hinged flush to the main seating surface and enable comfortable and safe side transfers, without entrapment of skin.

The backrest and base section can then be removed from the bath with ease. The two sections fit neatly into one another to give an extremely compact size for storage.

Overall, the Invacare Aquatec Orca is comfortable, safe and highly efficient. The design keeps users in mind, giving a convenient and straightforward bathing experience.

The reinforced scissor mechanism on the Orca range combines safe lifting with a compact construction while the minimum seat height of just 60 mm allows ample room for a deeper and more comfortable bath.

Key Features:

  • Reclining backrest: Individually adjustable backrest for secure positioning.
  • Height-adjustable headrest: For the optional safe support of the head and neck area. Recommended in conjunction with the special backrest.
  • Custom-built side flaps: The Aquatec Orca is optionally available with custom-built side flaps that facilitate transfer from the lift.
  • Safety belts:  Aquatec Orca comes with an optional safety belt to hold the user securely.
  • Side flap deflectors: It is an option and to be used with hand grips in the bathtub. The side flap deflector can also be shortened when required.
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